In August 2002, I was actually seeing the chiropractor for myself, DeeDee (mother of Sabrina) because of back pain. My daughter, Sabrina, who plays soccer, had been having knee pain for about a year and we never knew why so I just decided to mention it to the chiropractor just to see if maybe he had suggestions or could refer me to someone. I was very shocked with all the information I found out. Dr Fano had her walk down the hall & back a couple of times, then looked at the bottom of her shoes. Just with that alone he noticed that one hip was higher than the other. He mentioned that she may have scoliosis of the spine but that he would know further with an x-ray. Sure enough you could plainly see the "S" curve on the x-ray. No other doctors had ever diagnosed it. Not only that but within this same visit, he placed her face down on the adjustment table and was moving one at a time, bending them at the knee, and checking things, then "pop"....she never knew it was coming, it did not hurt her one bit and she felt like she had a brand new knee! She played soccer tournaments; sometimes 3 to 4 games in a weekend and she had no knee pain. Since August, he has only had to re-adjust her knee 3 times total. As far as the scoliosis, she has been coming 3 times per week up until the end of January 2003. Nos she comes 2 times per week. We did out 6 month x-ray to see the progress. I could not believe it. I looked perfectly straight to me. Dr Fano could still see a very slight amount of the scoliosis but it looked great!
Thank You!

Sabrina 13-02-2003 5

Laura was in unbelievable pain and was surely on a crash to more a serious and permanent condition. You swooped in and helped her understand why she was where she was at and illuminated the path to recovery.
Not only Laura's pain gone, but the root cause is being treated. You also illuminated my healing path, ultimately and radically improving our potential for a better, healthier and longer life. What an amazing gift you have given.
Thank you for all your professionalism, energized, friendly, life changing, charismatic and passionate care. You genuinely care about your patients, about us. You are the epitome of chiropractic care.

DeVinney Family 22-12-2011 5

I have been visiting Dr. Fano for over 9 years now. As a participant in some of the most rigorous sports, Dr. Fano has managed to gracefully handle every issue I have encountered. From head to toe, Dr. Fano understands his clients and provides clear in-depth explanations on what is going on with my body and how specific events cause domino effects. I have recommended Dr. Fano to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Steven Remotigue 22-03-2013 5

Dr. Fano helped my scoliosis... After a few visits I stop having headaches and i started seeing a better posture in my body.
I can feel the difference now after seeing Dr. Fano.
He helped me to get a healthier nutrition and I enjoy going to the clinic and LOVE the stretching exercises.
The staff is amazing and caring and the best part of all they are bilingual!

Gabriela Kawass 15-03-2013 5
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